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2015-08-26 09:12 pm

for the Fantastic Four

The Hulk wasn't know for being subtle. When he was angry, the whole world knew about it. Which wasn't so great for his alter ego, trying to stay under the radar of the General and his trigger happy group of Hulkbusters.

It's not that he'd tried to avoid smashing downtown Los Angeles. It's more that the fight had ended up there. Hulk was pulling the large gun off one of the unmanned robots sent to destroy him, more of them flocking around to try and put him down. He flings the gun to the side, taking out a parked car.

Another gun fires, throwing him back against a building, the side crumbling to rubble. He gets up with a snarl, "That the best you got!?" Charging with a roar at the nearest robot to tear it apart.

All around, people were running away and screaming about the monster in the streets.
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2012-07-03 08:56 pm

There's action in this scene...

It had been a snatch and grab job. The real target: Bruce Banner. Grabbing Agent Coulson was just icing on the cake for Hydra. They'd both been tranquilized, Bruce obviously with a few more, before being transported to a secret underwater facility deep in the Atlantic trench.

When Bruce dissolves back in, all he can see is bright lights. He has the sneaking suspicion he's stretched out on a table, which doesn't bode well any way you look at it. There's a constant line of drugs being fed into him so Bruce doesn't have too much of a chance of getting mad. He kept dozing on and off, the lights changing now and again over his head.

They keep asking him questions, poking him...Bruce remains as quiet as possible, not wanting to say anything. Hopefully, someone will be able to find him, but he didn't hold out too much hope for that.
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2012-01-31 07:05 pm

Hulk vs. Thor

[follows this]

[Bruce wakes, feeling like even his insides are sore from that fight. He wasn't really expecting to wake up from it, it was all kind of an angry blur after awhile. And then a bright light...

He lifts his head with a sigh, working to sit up. At least he's not shackled, there are worse things to wake up to. Like the Hulkbusters for example.

This clothes are a little big, someone must have thought this through. He gives them a confusing look before scanning the room.]